Grundy County Speedway hereafter known as GCS.

Official 2019 General Rules


The primary purpose of Grundy County Speedway is to enhance the sport of automotive racing through, among other things, conducting and sanctioning GCS races. In furthermore of this supervisory and regulatory function, GCS has adapted the safety and completion rules set forth in this book. These rules as amended, supplemented or superseded are effective for the 2019 Grundy County Speedway season unless otherwise expressly provided. All GCS members and all teams, race and series sponsors, as well as every other person participating or involved in any way in a GCS sanctioned racing event, shall be bound by these rules, as amended, supplemented or superseded from time to time and shall be responsible for compliance therewith. It is therefore recommended that you read this Rule Book carefully to assure your familiarity with the rules and regulations contained herein.

The rules and regulations that govern the activities of GCS are intended to assist in the orderly conduct of these activities and have been set forth to establish minimum acceptable requirements. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guaranty against injury or death to participants, spectators or others.

0.1 The Interpretation of GCS rules
The interpretation, construction and application of these and any supplementary regulations by the GCS Officials shall be final and binding subject to the protest and appeal procedures contained in this rule book. Judgmental decisions of the Officials are not subject to protest. Similarly specific matters contained herein are expressly stated to not be subject to protest or appeal.

0.2 Amendment to Rules 
GCS reserve the right to revise these rules and to issue supplements to them at any time without prior notice. Under extreme circumstances or emergency conditions GCS may promulgate special rules which it/they deem conductive to the well-being of an event.

1.1 All participants, pit crew members, and other persons admitted to GCS events, must obey all GCS rules.

1.2 Conduct Detrimental to Racing: Any member, participant or other person who, in the judgment of the Race Director or GCS Officials is guilty of conduct detrimental to racing and/or to the Grundy County Speedway, on or off the track or any other venue, may be suspended from GCS events by the Race Director or the Race Operations Manager..

1.3 Minimum age requirements.

A. Minimum age requirement for pit admittance is 14 years of age.
B. All persons under the age of 18 must have a fully executed and signed Parental Consent Form on file at the Pit Gate Office. Consent forms must be renewed each year.
1.4 Minimum age requirements Drivers
A. You may be asked for proof of age before being allowed into the pit area. The only acceptable form of proof of age are: Birth Certificate, Valid State issued photo ID or Valid State Driver license
B. Drivers 14 and 15 years of age may compete in the 4 cylinder class only and must have proof of age plus a fully executed and signed parental consent form on file at the pit gate office.
C. Drivers 16 and older may compete in any division after showing proof of age and must have proof of age plus a fully executed and signed parental consent form on file at the pit gate office.
D. Any minor caught driving without a fully executed and signed Parental Consent Form of file will have the car that the minor is driving confiscated and become property of GCS, and the driver will be permanently removed from the speedway.

1.5 Anyone knowingly allowing a person to violate the age restriction regulations by allowing them to compete in any part of the race program including hot laps will be expelled from the pit area.

1.6 Drivers racing with GCS must meet and agree to the following requirements:

A. GCS shall have the power to disqualify and/or exclude from competition any driver, mechanic, competitor, or official who gives evidence of, or who shows visible signs of exhaustion, substance abuse, or other physical or mental irregularity.

B. GCS may prohibit any competitor or car from entering or continuing a race if they consider either might be a source of danger. 

C  Officials have the right or reserve the right to subject any driver to a physical examination if deemed necessary and such examination must be completed before the driver is allowed in competition. 

Part II - Race Officials

2.1 All disputes that involve racing procedures will be settled by the Race Director.

2.2 The Race Operations Manager and/or the Race Director shall have the only authority to impose suspensions.

2.3 The Technical Director has the power and authority to disqualify any competitor found to not be within the technical rules written within their respected class rules.  All disqualifications must be immediately reported to the Race Director or the Race Operations Manager

Part III - Point System

3.1 To participate in point fund money, any end of year award money, points and nightly purse all participants must be registered including address, Tax number or Social Security number and must compete in 60% of the races.

A. Points will be scored to the driver for all events. Points cannot be transferred between owners and/or drivers for any reason. Pay-Off is awarded to the Driver.

B. Points will be accumulated over all GCS events.

The schedule for All GCS Competitors points is as follows:

Qualifying                    Heat Races                Semi-Features           Feature
1       10                     1       12                         1       16               1       60

2         8                     2       11                         2       15               2      58

3         6                     3       10                         3       14               3      56

4         5                     4         9                         4       13               4      54 

5         4                     5         8                         5       12               5      52

6         3                     6         7                         6       11               6      50

7         2                     7         6                         7       10               7      48

8         1                     8         5                         8         9               8      46

9         1                     9         4                         9         8               9      44

10        1                   10         3                       10         7             10      42

                               -1 Per Spot                     -1 Per Spot         11th & Down - 2 Points Per Spot

Part IV – Qualification Process

4.1 Qualification Procedure

The Officials may change the stated qualification method as they determine necessary or appropriate dependent on weather conditions or anything that is not under the official’s control. If it is not possible to run qualifications, the starting lineup(s) shall be determined by points.

Group qualifying will consist of no more than four (4) cars attempting to qualify, on the track, at the same time. Groups will be arranged according to that event’s combined practice times. The four (4) cars with the slowest practice times will qualify in the first (1st) group, with the group with the fastest practice times going last. If in the case of uneven groups of four (4), the last group will qualify with the lesser number of cars. If a participant is unable to qualify at his/her appointed turn, participant loses one attempted lap of qualification and will make the attempt after all cars in line have qualified.

Group time trials will consist of two (2) green flag laps, with the faster of the two (2) recorded laps becoming the official qualifying time. A minimum of two (2) green flag laps will be guaranteed and will constitute a completed qualifying attempt.

Cars that recorded identical times while qualifying in a group will have their qualifying time position(s) determined by using the lowest total elapsed time for the fastest two laps to serve as the tie breaker. A minimum of two laps must be completed to determine the tie breaker. If Identical times occur in separate groups, the first qualifier will be awarded the time.

4.2 Post qualifying, after going through tech, the fastest driver will throw a “die” to determine the race “Invert”. The roll of the Die will be added to six (6).  This will be the invert. The feature race winner from the previous event will start behind the Invert. This will be in place for all classes including 4 Cylinders.

4.3 Cars more than 1 second slower than the fastest time posted for the night will be placed at the rear of the heat and/or feature race starting field and will not be eligible for the invert.

4.4 In the event a car does not qualify the unqualified car may be added to a heat race or to the semi-feature (starting in the back of the event). If the "Unqualified" car qualifies for the feature by virtue of the finish in the preceding events, that car may compete in the feature (starting in the back of the event) and will be eligible for money and points earned during the feature event. If a driver switches cars after qualifying is complete it can only be to an already qualified car and one within the same division.

4.5 Any time a Driver sets a new track record the car must go through a technical inspection to verify that the chassis is in accordance to all GCS technical rules. A GCS Official will be in the teams pit area to escort the cars to the technical area.

Part V - Race Procedures

5.1 Any driver change after signing in at the pit gate must be submitted to the Race Director. This can be done through the Pit Steward or Technical Director. That Notification must be forwarded to the Race Director. If a driver or car owner makes a driver change without proper notification, that driver will be ineligible for points and any purse money for that event.

5.2 A rookie shall be defined as anyone who has not accumulated over 250 points in current division or higher. Rookies without enough experience as deemed by the Race Director must start at the rear of any event qualified (regardless of qualifying time) for a minimum of one (1) event or longer as determined by the Race Director.

5.3. All feature races will have a predetermined lap count length. Also a time limit may be imposed on all feature races. This will be set by the Race Director dependent on the amount of race laps and will be posted before the event begins.

5.4 GCS reserves the right to add up to two (2) starting "promoters options" positions to the feature line-up.

5.5 GCS reserves the right to reposition a car from the front of a start or restart to the rear if that car or driver poses a hazard to a safe start or if a driver fails to maintain an acceptable speed in keeping with the competitive spirit. On starts, the front row will get one warning on a waved off start to keep cars even. A 2nd warning may result with both front row cars starting at the tail of the field.

5.6 During the feature a car may return to the pits for repairs which would enable the car to once again compete in the race. A car may reenter the track but only when permission is given by the Pit Director at the race track on ramp.

5.7 Any race is officially over when the lead car crosses the finish line. However all cars must complete that lap in order to be scored in that position. Any contact on the last lap that changes the order in which the cars would have finished will result in those cars being repositioned to the back of the lead lap.

5.8 If and when any car is suspected of leaking fluids, the yellow flag will be displayed. The suspect car will be black flagged and directed to proceed to the pit area or to stop at a designated area, such as the start-finish line, for inspection. If after the inspection there is no problem, the car will be able to restart in its current running position. The designated area may be identified at the pre-race drivers meeting and may also be communicated to the drivers via one-way radio communication from a GCS official.

5.9 If the race is red flagged because of an accident, the car(s) involved in the accident will restart at the rear of all cars running on the same lap. If the race is called or declared complete at the time of the red flag, the car(s) involved in the accident will be scored at the rear of all remaining running cars on the same lap, with the exception of any remaining running car(s) lapped more than one time.

5.10 Following an accident, any driver involved in the accident who is uninjured, should lower the window net as an indication to the safety personnel that no immediate emergency services are required.

5.11 Unauthorized Personnel on Track or Infield:

A. Once race cars have been presented to compete, the only personnel permitted on the racing surface, infield area, and entrance/exit ramps, are GCS authorized track officials and the driver of the race car.

B. No personnel are permitted to enter the racing area (racing surface or infield) unless requested by a GCS official to assist during special circumstances. Crew members, owners, and/or other personnel are not permitted on the track following an accident or injury unless permission is granted by a GCS official.

C. Violation of these rules could result in possible disqualification from the event, loss of points, and/or suspension of both driver and car owner.

5.12 When a race is stopped because of a red flag servicing will be allowed only when the track is back in a yellow condition and allowed to return to the pits. When there is a red flag all cars must come to a complete stop so that safety personal and equipment can get to the area that caused the red flag.

5.13 In case of an accident late in the race, the Race Director, or Race Operations Manager may declare any race complete upon the waving of the red flag.

5.14. A spin that causes a yellow shall count as a spinout. Any contact that causes a yellow, will result in all cars involved being sent to the back of the field for the restart. In the event that one car spins and one car continues, and there is an indication of contact, both cars will be penalized. EXCEPTION: (Tap-out Option) When one car causes the spinout of another car, the driver of the car that caused the spinout can exercise the tap-out option by admitting fault. This option will allow the car that was spun to maintain its running order and not be charged with a spin. The car at fault will be penalized to the back of the field. If the tap-out option is not used, both cars that were involved in the yellow will go to the back of the field.

5.15. A driver will be allowed one (1) spin. The first will allow him/her to start at the tail end of the field, the second spin will require the driver to pull into the pits therefore ending the participation for that event

5.16 No driver change will be allowed after the green flag has fallen to start the race.

5.17 Any car involved in a flip must be inspected by the Technical Crew. Restart is upon the decision of the Race Steward, Race Operations Manager, or Tech Director.

5.18 A lap is considered completed when the leader crosses the start-finish line.

5.19 All race cars must have a working transponder installed on the race car for all GCS event sessions. Noncompliance will result in a black flag.

5.20 After all heat races the top three (3) cars must present themselves to the technical inspection area. After every GCS Feature Event the top five (5) cars must report to the technical inspection area. GCS may at any time also decide to select another competitor that is out of the top five (5).

5.21 If a race car comes to a stop on the race track because of an accident or mechanical failure, unless there is the presence of fire or liquids such as oil, water or fuel, the driver must remain in the vehicle. Only when a safety truck or vehicle arrives will the driver be able to get out of the race car. The driver must remain by the race car or safety truck. Do not walk down the track, point to another driver or throw any objects. It is recommended that the driver rides back with the safety truck, push truck, ambulance or tow truck. If you wish to walk back to the pits you must be accompanied by a GCS OFFICIAL.

5.22. All competitors in all divisions must have an operating and functional Raceceiver one way radio. This will be used as a way to communicate to the drivers when and where a yellow is on the race track and also to help to line up the competitors after a yellow situation. Failure to use a Raceceiver one way radio may result in disqualification from the event. Raceciever Frequency shall be 464.5500.

5.23. While during a yellow and forming up in single file order a cone will be put out at the start finish line. After the leader has passed to the left of the cone any competitor choosing to start in the restart on the outside line may pass the cone by driving to the right of it. The first driver to pass the cone on the right will have the outside second row position with all others that follow lining up behind. The leader has the right to restart by him/herself on the front row. The rest of the field will start behind the leader double file. After you have chosen which lane you want to restart in you may not switch back to the other lane.

Part VI – Protests

6.1 The protest period for any qualifying session, heat race, trophy dash or feature race will be thirty (30) minutes after the session or race has completed.

6.2 All protests must be presented in writing and presented to the Race Director or Race Operations Manager, along with a protest fee of $50.00. Protest may be made by a car owner only. The car owner must represent his/her driver and mechanics. This is to prevent trackside disorder. If the car owner is not in attendance, the driver may then file the protest.

6.3 If a dispute involves a car that an Official owns or has a financial or sponsorship interest in, then that official will have no input regarding the matter in dispute.

6.4 Purse money will be distributed according to the finishing order for that event. Any adjustments in purse because of a protest will be corrected at the next GCS racing event.

6.5 If a protest is ruled invalid, the protest fee goes to the point fund. If the protest is ruled valid, the fee will be returned.

6.6 In the case of an engine head removal protest, an additional protest fee of $350 will be charged. Engine protests with P&G tester will be $100.00. If the protested engine is found to be legal, 100% of the protest fee will be awarded to the owner of the protested engine. If the engine is found to be illegal, 100% of the protest fee will be returned to the protesting car owner.

6.7 All protests will be resolved by the Race Director by the next GCS racing event.

Part VII Right to Protest.

A. Technical protests against another competitor regarding specifications that are routinely inspected by the technical inspectors are not permitted.
B. Results or procedures of a weight test of any car cannot be protested.
C. The following decisions, which involve the exercise of judgment by the race officials, cannot be protested.
1. To call or not to call a yellow caution period.
2. To call or not to call a red flag period.
3. Whether a driver should be black flagged and stopped for consultation, inspection or removed from competition.
4. Whether a driver ignored a black flag.
5. Whether a penalty could or should be applied or imposed during or after any event.
6. The decision as to whether safety equipment rules were violated.
7. Whether a driver flagrantly improved his position prior to the green flag being displayed.
8. To reposition a car for a starting, restarting or other violation.
9. Whether a car is in a safe condition to compete.
10. Whether a car is in a hazardous condition such that it will not be permitted to continue in competition or to exclude a driver due to injury, fatigue, rookie status, or safety reasons.

Part VIII - Sportsmanship & Personal Conduct

This section applies to any race event, forum, publication or meeting involving GCS or its affiliated entities.

8.1 Conduct Detrimental to Racing. Conduct and Sportsmanship

1. Every entrant, driver and crew member at a GCS sanctioned event is expected to conduct him or herself in sportsman like manner which will enhance the good name of motor sports and GCS. Failure to do so may be considered to be a breach of these rules.

2. Owners are responsible for the conduct of their crews during an event. An offense by a crew member may be charged to the Owner.

3. It is strictly forbidden for any competitor to go to another competitor’s trailer or pit area to confront them regarding an on track incident. Regardless of what may have happened on the race track, any driver, owner, crew member, family member who goes to another trailer or pit area may result in a repositioning penalty, loss of points, and/or probation, disqualification or suspension applied to the driver and owner of the car that the responsible person is associate.

4. Any verified instance of fighting, abusive and/or threatening language towards another competitor in the pit area will result in a repositioning penalty, disqualification, probation, suspension and/or fines that will be applied to the driver and owner of the car or cars the responsible party or parties are associated with.

5. Any driver, pit crew member or owner who physically or verbally abuses any GCS track official will subject him/herself, his/her car, and his/her crew to any penalties described in articles 3 & 4 above.

6 Driver Meetings are mandatory. Any driver failing to attend a driver's meeting, unless specifically excused by the Race Director will waive the right to protest for his/her entry/car, owner and self at that event. Car owners may not make an official protest if their driver did not attend the drivers meeting for that event.

Part IX General Conduct:

The car owner (entrant) is responsible for all crew members and people associated with the owners' team, and/or anyone signed in at registration associated with that team.

A. No pit vehicles including scooters, golf carts, four wheelers, ATV etc. Exception: Midgets may have one four wheeler for assisting the racecar.

9.1 Rough driving, foul driving of any kind, or unsportsmanlike conduct may result in the loss of points for any or all events for the entire race show.

9.2 Suspensions will take effect immediately after notification unless appealed in writing to the Race Operations Manager. If appealed, any suspension will be enforced or lifted upon the GCS decision.

9.3 If an owner refuses to allow measurement of his/her engine or other car weight or specification, it will be assumed that the car is illegal and all monies and points for the night will not be awarded to that car.

Part X - Appeals

10.1 Provided that the protest or other procedures as required by this Rule Book have been properly completed, any GCS entrant or member shall have the right to appeal any decision or penalty issued under the authority of this Rule Book, unless otherwise provided. Matters arising out of a specific GCS sanctioning event involving action taken against an entrant in that event may be appealed only by that entrant. GCS members other than entrants shall have standing to appeal only in cases specifically involving their own actions or conduct.     

10.2 Issues that are not subject to protest and all rulings, decisions and any action taken by a GCS Official with respect to such issues shall not be subject to appeal.

10.3 Only the interested parties to an appeal may be involved in any way in the appeal process. They may not be represented by a licensed attorney even if such attorney is an employee of the interested party.

10.4 Failure to appeal any ruling or decision in accordance with the procedures in this Chapter 8 shall nullify the right of appeal.

10.5 Appeal Procedure
Written notice of appeal must be signed by the appellant, specifically identify the decision or ruling being appealed, and be addressed to the Race Operations Manager. This written notice of appeal must be received by the Race operations Manager no later than 5:00 p.m. the second business day following notice of the decision or ruling being appealed. The notice of appeal must be accompanied by a concise written statement signed by the appellant which shall include (i) the facts underlying the appeal; (ii) the grounds for the appeal including the specific error(s) claimed; (iii) the issues to be reviewed by the Race Operations Manager, which in appeals of protest decisions shall be confirmed to the protest; (iv) the specific rule(s) or regulation(s) involved and (v) any other information the appellant feels may be useful for the Race Operations Manager to review.

10.6 An Appeal Committee will be compromised of three (3) GCS members as selected by the Race Operations Manager. Members may not be involved in the filling of the appeal process to which this Committee is reviewing.      

10.7 The Race Operations Manager may require further information or documentation as he may deem necessary or appropriate.

10.8 All appeals will be reviewed, studied, and acted upon before the next scheduled GCS racing event.

Part XI – Safety 

11.1 Any car running too slow or showing the possibility of causing a hazard, according to the Race Director or GCS Officials, in any event will be black flagged and removed from the race track.

11.2 Any car and/or driver which, in the opinion of the GCS Officials is a hazard to the other cars in the event, will not be permitted to race until any questioned safety issues or driver compliance is satisfied by the Race Director, Technical Personal or Pit Steward.

11.3 In the event of an accident that in the opinion of the officials might have inflicted an injury to a driver thereby affecting his driving ability, the injured driver shall have a medical check-up as to his fitness to drive, and written release from a doctor stating so. 

11.4 Any driver considered to be, in the opinion of track officials and/or medics, in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics will be suspended from competition for as long as deemed necessary by the officials. 

11.5 Safety Equipment Inspection: Race car safety equipment and/or a driver's personal safety equipment may be inspected by GCS Technical Inspectors and/or by GCS Officials at any time. Any participant not complying in full with all safety requirements in the rule book will not be permitted to compete.

11.7. Any injury suffered at or on the track that are not reported to a top official will disqualify that driver’s claim for any insurance benefits.

11.8 It is imperative that each competitor reads and understands these rules and the rules herein that are associated with their respective racing class. All competitors must read and understand the Technical Regulations for the class in which he or she is racing in. These regulations can be found at grundycountyspeedwayonline.com.

Part XII - Appearance

12.1 Appearance: All GCS Officials, GCS participants, crews, sponsors, race cars, trailers and equipment must appear in a clean, respectable, and professional manner.