Address: 8890 N Rt. 47 Morris, Illinois 60450      Track Phone: 815-942-5043

Street Stock Tech Day - April 5th
10AM to 4PM on grandstand side of race track

Bring cars with intake manifold off, bring gaskets, sealant, and tools to install intake manifold after engine is teched and tools to remove spark plugs and rocker arms.

After manifold is installed we will install Grundy Co. Speedway seals on engine.

Battery must be fully charged so we can turn engine over with starter.

Street Stocks with (602) GM sealed crate engine do not need to come on April 5th tech day.

We will also tech cars that can not make it on the 5th on both practice days but you must have it teched before the car goes on the racetrack. You might miss out on some practice time if you have car teched on practice days so try to be there on the 5th.